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Women in their 50's need to lift and tighten their skin

Dermal fillers are effective at restoring facial shape, but in your 50s you must also lift or tighten skin otherwise you can risk looking slightly odd.
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Treatments That Keep Your Secret

Successful cosmetic treatments mean no one can tell you’ve had anything done, but everyone notices how good you are looking. Top 3 that keep their secret...

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Cosmetic eye surgery - are there other options?

Eye surgery is the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK, but if your hesitant about the knife Victoria explains the non-surgical options.

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Neither needle nor knife: the new non-surgical facelift

Surgical vs non-surgical facelifts discussed by Victoria Dobbie one of the UK's leading aesthetic practitioners in Ultherapy and Silhouette Soft facelifts.

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Ultherapy Jennifer Aniston

Ultherapy is fast becoming the celebrities favourite treatment, according to Jennifer Aniston who has a fear of poor surgery & injectables.
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Looking great – whatever your age

Victoria's decade-by-decade guide on how to look, and feel, fabulous wherever you are in life… 20s, 30s, and 40s.

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