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Tan-tastic self-tanner

Jane Iredale with Victoria DobbieHad a great chat with Jane Iredale at the International Institute of Anti-Ageing awards ceremony 2011 in London last week. She was looking fabulous and was so positive about our work in Scotland. She is hoping to pop up and see us in 2012.

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ANP Salon of the Year 2010

Victoria reflects on winning Advanced Nutrition Programme's Salon of the Year 2010 at the International Institute of Anti-ageing awards ceremony 2011. 

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Hyperhidrosis sufferers don't need to suffer in the hot weather

Why hyperhidrosis sufferers don't need to suffer excessive sweating in the hot weather - thanks to Botox treatments in Edinburgh.
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Cleanse & moisturise as part of your gym routine

Going to the gym helps produce those happy endorphins, which stops you from getting the blues. Good for you, but not for your skin.

Cleanse and moisturise

After a workout, make sure you cleanse your skin and apply a good moisturiser. Perspiration produces salts on the skin and this can have a drying effect. By cleansing the salts off and applying a good moisturiser you reduce the risk of dry skin.

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Skin tip of the week - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is wonderful all year round but in right now it is especially important. Internally it will help boost your immune system, reducing symptoms of the common cold. Externally applied in cream or serum form it will reduce dry skin and redness.

Vitamin C helps collagen production, which is essential for anyone with thread veins or broken capillaries. If your skin is prone to getting red, don’t go through spring without Vitamin C.


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National Cleavage Day

It's National Cleavage Day today and whilst men love them, most women are rarely satisfied with them.  Although most women continue to be preoccupied with the size and shape of their breasts (The majority of UK women think that the ideal size for breasts is a C/D cup, whereas the average breast size of women in the UK is 36B.) However, wrinkly cleavages (decolletages) are becoming more of a concern for lots women - particularly as sun damage from holidays takes its toll.

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Kim Cattrall - still sexy and sensational at 54

It’s great to see older women scooping major skincare campaigns. Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall is the new face of Olay in the US - proving that reaching your fifties is no barrier to having gorgeous, glowing skin.

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Skin tip of the week - look after your neck

We may remember to focus on our face but what about our necks? Friction from turtlenecks and wool fibres can rub the neck and cause it to be dry and irritated.

Reduce the use of Vitamin A products on this area during the cold weather, replacing with Vitamin C or antioxidant creams. Try a hydrating mask a few times a week to reduce any irritation or dehydration.

A Gel Mask will easily hydrate your skin and can be used all over the face and neck.


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Do you have a smartphone frown?

More women are acquiring frown lines between the eyebrows at an age when he wouldn’t normally expect it - the culprit mobile phone use - why?...

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Skin tip of the week

In winter our skin is constantly put through temperature changes. Going from warm houses to the cold outdoors can very quickly dehydrate our skin.

Keep hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking more water. Taking a sip every 15 minutes drip feeds your skin and will keep you far more hydrated than the drought or flood method most people use! Try to avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as these expel more water and dry out the skin. Adding a little lemon to your water increases the hydration and is great for clarifying the skin.

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