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Summer skincare

Skincare expert Stephanie on how to take care of your skin in the sun – and how to get that special summer glow…

Whether you’re just back from your summer break or making the most of the great weather we’ve been enjoying recently, making sure you look after your skin after spending time in the sun is essential.

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Young women more concerned with beauty than health

Over 70% of 2,000 women (aged 18 to 24) admitted that they don't do the minimum recommended amount of exercise every week. Why?...

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Confidence a business woman's guide to success

Victoria Dobbie & Ros Taylor discuss "Confidence a business woman's guide to success".

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What attracts men?

Valentine's Day will soon be upon us and whether you're single or committed, probably like me, you'll want to be looking and feeling attractive this coming week. But if you want romance to blossom you have to think about what attracts men and not necessarily what makes you feel comfortable. Lets explore some well understood DOs and the barriers preventing us from achieving them.

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Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children

At Face and Body we love helping others and I was so pleased to receive this email telling us how the support we and our patients are giving through Buy1GIVE1 is making a difference that I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you for your support with our Buy1GIVE1 partnership


Dear Victoria,

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You Can Trust Face and Body


As some of the biggest cosmetic clinics Harley Medical Group, Transform and Hospital Group announced that they were not prepared to remove substandard products from their clients. Why would you put your trust in them for any of your treatments.

Your safety

Permanent fillers by their nature of being permanent implants are also very difficult to correct when something goes wrong. Dr Dobbie has never used and could not recommend the use of a permanent filler.
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Its almost Christmas - are you taking the pith? should be!

ANP collagen supportSatsumas and clementines are traditionally eaten in abundance at Christmas time. Do you painstakingly strip off every trace of those little white fibre veins from your fruit? Or do simply peel and eat the lot?

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Vitamin use linked to LOWER Breast Cancer risk

I was excited to find that a new study published this August, which used over 5,000 people, showed a promising association between long-term consumption of antioxidants and breast cancer prevention.

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Save Your Tan with Skin Omegas

Just back from a fantastic holiday in Turkey where I finally got some sun. The only downside was coming back to the pouring rain at Newcastle airport. Our summers just seem to be getting worse.

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Anti-ageing Healthy Diet

I often get asked what I would recommend as an anti-ageing diet. My advice to patients is that they should read Patrick Holfords New Optimum Nutrition Bible who's advice is collaborated by the Optimum Nutrition Survey UK survey which surveyed 37,000 people.

However,  I realize that many of you are extremely busy so here are my healthy diet tips based on recommendations from both sources:

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