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Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone

Did you know that when we communicate we are understood more from our facial expression and body language than by the words we choose - which only make up 7%. 

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Say good-bye to unwanted inches…

Becky explains how to "say good-bye to unwanted inches" with cavitation & radiofrequency inch loss treatments  that diets & exercise won't shift.

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Restore that youthful look…

Victoria explains how you can restore that youthful look using non-surgical cosmetic treatments to lift, tighten, restore shape & skin vibrancy.

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When things go wrong - we may be able to help...

Using dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to correct poorly performed cosmetic surgery can be an option at Face & Body in Edinburgh.

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Let’s talk about PRP

American hair transplant surgeons wanting to encourage grafts to ‘take’ discovered PRP which has now proven to be very effective in restoring thinning hair
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A new way to treat stubborn fat at FAB

Victoria explains how Aqualyx fat dissolving injections can be used to permanently reduce stubborn pockets of fat at Face & Body clinic Edinburgh.

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Sharing Dermalux Feedback

Our Dermalux treatment is going down a storm with patients. We have so many people raving about it. Yesterday Jane, who lives in Edinburgh, kindly took the time to write her experience and gave me permission to share it with everyone. Thanks so much Jane for doing this. 

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Ink-credible results with laser tattoo removal

Edinburgh laser expert, Stephanie, discusses laser tattoo removal using an Candela AlexTri-Vantage Q-switch laser to remove black, blue, red & green ink.
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Relax and let Dermalux rejuvenate your skin

Dermalux is a wonderfully relaxing treatment using specialised pure light to accelerate your skin’s natural rejuvenation & repair process.
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Why smoking can be embarrassingly ageing

I’ve recently been working with the team behind Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, advising on the aging effects of smoking. Although as an advisor, I won’t be on screen alongside Dr Pixie and Dr Christian, it was fascinating, and flattering, to be involved with the show and to be able provide information about the damage that smoking can do to your skin.

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