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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

EndyMed TIGHTEN & FSR treatments are an amazing way to firm and tighten skin laxity or smooth and resurface poor skin texture. See the results...
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7 Tips for Happy Winter Skin

Seven tips for happy winter skin that banishes dry skin and a dull complexion. So you look radiant this festive season.
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Robbie Williams and male Botox

Robbie Williams has confirmed that he has had Botox and other aesthetic treatments. But what are men seeking from aesthetic treatments?

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Beauty's Magnificent Seven

Natural looking aesthetic results are achieved by balancing 7 key areas when mapping the face using the golden ratio of Phi.

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Changing face: the new approach to beauty

By combining Botox & filler treatments with PRP or collagen stimulating treatments more natural looking  aesthetic results can be achieved.

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What do women want from their aesthetic treatments?

Victoria believes positive ageing is what women want from facial aesthetics & that this is supported by Allergan's 2016 global facial aesthetic survey.

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Coping with Rosacea in the Winter

Nurse Susie Byass explains which are the key rosacea triggers to avoid during the winter months to reduce flare-ups...

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How Golden Callipers Help Me Make A More Beautiful You

The precise formula for a beautiful face - Victoria explains how the golden ratio or Phi is the solution to creating facial beauty.

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Living with Rosacea

Susie has suffered rosacea from her late 20's, so she understands the effects it can have socially, emotionally & physically & how to treat the symptoms.

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STV films the Vampire Facial

STV visits Face & Body to film television reporter, Zara Janjua, undergo a Vampire Facial for The Late Show which is likely to be aired in mid-September.

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