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Becky explains why the radiofrequency technology in the new EndyMed SHAPER delivers better skin tightening results on the body. 

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Aesthetician of the Year

Delighted that Becky Hymers wins Aesthetician of the Year at Scotland's Medical Cosmetic Awards 2017. The clinic is now a two time winner of the award.
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British Summer Time = Sun Protection

It’s officially British summer time & now is the time to find your hidden suncream. UVA & UVB protection is the best thing you can do for your skin.
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Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards 2017

Scottish Medical Cosmetic Awards 2017 finalists in 4 categories Best Clinic, Best Dentist, Best Nurse and Best Aesthetician.
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Women in their 50's need to lift and tighten their skin

Dermal fillers are effective at restoring facial shape, but in your 50s you must also lift or tighten skin otherwise you can risk looking slightly odd.
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Treatments That Keep Your Secret

Successful cosmetic treatments mean no one can tell you’ve had anything done, but everyone notices how good you are looking. Top 3 that keep their secret...

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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

EndyMed TIGHTEN & FSR treatments are an amazing way to firm and tighten skin laxity or smooth and resurface poor skin texture. See the results...
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7 Tips for Happy Winter Skin

Seven tips for happy winter skin that banishes dry skin and a dull complexion. So you look radiant this festive season.
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Robbie Williams and male Botox

Robbie Williams has confirmed that he has had Botox and other aesthetic treatments. But what are men seeking from aesthetic treatments?

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Beauty's Magnificent Seven

Natural looking aesthetic results are achieved by balancing 7 key areas when mapping the face using the golden ratio of Phi.

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